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Vision Board…You are what you think?

Many years ago…about 22 years ago… I sketched (painted) a vision board about how I wanted my future to look like. I visioned a yellow house with a brown roof, a small porch in the front with hanging furn. My husband and I are in the front of the drawing, and I’m pregnant. We have a brown dog.  A fenced in backyard with a pool, and Bouganvilla climbing up on the side of the garage. That’s it.

And you know what? That’s EXACTLY what I have today…Except we don’t have any children. I was pregnant many years ago, but lost the baby…I guess my painting was not specific enough…Power of the mind! I should have been more specific though…I should have added career goal, and financial success.

I guess it’s not too late…I will add to my 22 year old vision board! Yay!

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