Vision Board…You are what you think?

Many years ago…about 22 years ago… I sketched (painted) a vision board about how I wanted my future to look like. I visioned a yellow house with a brown roof, a small porch in the front with hanging furn. My husband and I are in the front of the drawing, and I’m pregnant. We have a brown dog.  A fenced in backyard with a pool, and Bouganvilla climbing up on the side of the garage. That’s it.

And you know what? That’s EXACTLY what I have today…Except we don’t have any children. I was pregnant many years ago, but lost the baby…I guess my painting was not specific enough…Power of the mind! I should have been more specific though…I should have added career goal, and financial success.

I guess it’s not too late…I will add to my 22 year old vision board! Yay!

5 thoughts on “Vision Board…You are what you think?

  1. You are a fighter and a positive person, with that combination you will always be a winner. You know that you have to put up your goals for the future and you will reach them. We are many that will always be behind you. Love you

  2. You are beautiful. You have expressed yourself in such a way that all of us who have been touched by the “Big C” in one way or another can relate with much empathy. I do believe “thoughts have wings, so create well”. Much love, energy and light I send your way. Always grow where you are planted. ❤ ❤ ❤

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