Up to date…

I have decided to start a blog to write about my “new journey”!

I have also decided to write in English. I’m originally from Sweden, but have lived in the US for 24 years. Pretty much “half and half”…My English is not prefect and my Swedish is not perfect…so just accept my spelling mistakes and grammar faux pas! I don’t even know if WordPress have a “spell check”? 

My new journey, is my journey through facing lymph and breast cancer. Yup! Pretty much sums it up! I got diagnosed April 1st, 2014 and this is not an April fools joke! Even though that would have been a good one…What if the Doctor would have said “JUST KIDDING!!! It’s April fools day!” but of course she didn’t!

In January of 2014 I felt a lump under my right armpit, but was thinking I had an infection and that the lymph nodes were swollen. The swelling didn’t go down, so I decided to go to my Doctor (Dr. Leslie Herzog). They did an Ultra Sound at the office, and the results came back a few days later…Yes, it was something…I got referred to an other Doctor, who suggested I do a Mammogram, since my last one was a year ago. I scheduled my Mammogram and also a Diagnostic Sonogram. The Mammogram didn’t show anything, but the Diagnostic Sonogram showed a suspicious mass. 

My primary Doctor gave me a few options where to go next. I decided to go to the reputable Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, in Weston Florida. I met with Doctor Blake, who ordered me to get a biopsy. The results came back 5 days later. My husband and I met with her April 1st, 2014. Yes, it was cancer in the lymph nodes, and the lump in the right breast. Dr. Blake had me see Dr. Stone that same day, and she talked to us about bla..bla…bla…bla…bla…bla…bla!!! She was VERY NICE AND CARING, but my mind was still stuck on cancer…Didn’t hear much of what she was saying…except for more tests next week. Oh! and…both Doctors agree I have to start with Chemo, because my lymph nodes are enlarged and they want to shrink them before they can do surgery…

Came home with a surreal feeling, and tons of pamphlets, books to read!

The Social Worker, Cara, encouraged to go and look at wigs (if I preferred to use a wig) and to do this sooner than later…that way they can see my hair and hair style…What? Loosing my hair, and eyebrows and eyelashes??? I know…it’s just temporary! Not that I have long, lush, thick hair…but it’s still a big deal…

Next week I will do an MRI (that tube thing…), Nuclear bone density test, CT Scan of my pelvic, and a cardio-something-test…

As I said; I have decided to Blog my journey…this way I can keep my family and friends, in both Sweden and here in the U.S., updated…and it’s probably good therapy for myself as well!

Much Love,





2 thoughts on “Up to date…

  1. This is fucking unbelivable! But it is true… I remember when our dad was diagnosed with cancer and our mom couldn´t take the information from the doctor at all. I think that is really common – to not be able to listen to the fact the doctors says.
    We will follow your “journey”, and hold your hand all over the big sea. I wish I could be there and hold your hand in reality, but life is….life.
    Love ya, lillsis! ❤

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