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Monday – A day of waiting…

I just want this week to be “over with” so I know my future…Ugh! Waiting can be a drag!

Tomorrow I will have an MRI done. I guess it’s not the very tiny tunnel you go into, but a slightly larger one. You lay on your stomach and the whole Magnetic Resonance Imaging takes 45 minutes. You are not allowed to move at all...I have heard it’s very noisy and cold. I can easily handle that and I don’t think I will be claustrophobic!

As usual, I took my doggies (Emma & Freja) for a walk this morning…on the way back we ran into our neighbor, and her and her dog, Charlie Brown (standard poodle, see picture below). They have recently gone through a very tough time, and understand my situation completely (even CB…). We talked and walked…I said I want (and need) to change my diet. I eat a lot of processed sugars, and sugar feeds the cancer cells…I just want to cut it out! Later the same morning I get a knock on my front door and there is my neighbor with a cookbook “Cancer-Fighting Kitchen” (nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for cancer Treatment and Recovery) A beautiful book with lots of color photos. The author tells you what to eat for nausea, dehydration, fatigue, diarrhea, sore mouth, weight loss and so on! And recipes for just “normal” healthy eating! So grateful! Brian and I will be busy shopping for the right food and cooking…(I know – read Brian! I will be eating though!)


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