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Friday Test Results!

I’m prepared! 

Or so I think…I don’t think you’re ever really prepared for doomsday…so to speak! My appointment is 8.30 a.m. which is good. My brain doesn’t have time to run mayhem at this hour, and I put duct tape over the mouth of Mr. Ego on my right shoulder, and Ms. Victim on my left! Shut up both of you…Now it’s time for Filippa!

Brian comes with me to all Doctors appointments which is great! He’s calm and collected…at least when he’s with me…cause I’m a little edgy, nervous but also focused. I’m really prepared (!) Ha!

We’re a little late not because of me, but Brian, who’s always last minute (Sorry Brian) I feel a little pissed that we’re not leaving EXACTLY at 8 a.m. (we left at 8.02 a.m…………..*I know*). Of course we hit traffic Schools Zones and we have to crawl through these sections. Darn kids! (Not really! But my mind is in “cancer land”)  I tell Brian “I don’t want to be late for the Doctor’s appointment!” He says “Since when have a Doctor been on time for an appointment?” Might be true…but I have always respected my appointments. No matter what it is. I respect that persons time, and I want to be treated the same way. At least I’m keeping the promise from my side, and that makes me feel good.

My name gets called and we’re heading towards “dooms day” room. Not really ‘dooms day’…I know it’s cancer. Now I just need to find out what kind, and a game plan. She starts by saying the good results; my perfect blood pressure (woohoo), Hormone levels -OK (Score!)…then she starts to speak Chinese! What? EST, ER NEG, HER2 TRIPLE NEG and 2 more MRIs is needed. Wait! Hold on! Repeat and repeat again so I understand. My “secretary” is taking notes, thank God!

Diagnosis in my words – the first MRI showed a nodule in my R breast at 6 o’clock. Just to be on the safe side they want to do an aspiration (biopsy) during an MRI (noise %#%$*), then the bone density showed something in my right hip (most likely pre-arthritis) but to be on the safe side, the Doctor (s) recommend another MRI…and they can’t combine the 2 MRI’s. It has to be two separate MRI’s. Suck it up Filippa! If this what it takes…

The name of the cancer is: Triple Negative – HER2. If you google it on the internet I’m probably already dead! So, please go to Or Those are two reliably sites to check out.  This type of cancer responds best with Chemo Therapy. Plus, my lymph nodes are enlarged they need to shrink before the surgery…

Game Plan: Chemo Therapy, every other week, for 4 months. Then surgery. Then Radiation. Chemo starting (hopefully) the week after Easter. Not sure how long it will be between Chemo and surgery, and between Surgery and Radiation…RIGHT NOW – it doesn’t matter. One step at a time!

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