Burping Wheatgrass…

I changed my diet!

I changed my diet in order to built up my immune system as much as possible, and to make my body as alkaline as possible. Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline body…So, I’m slowly strangling  those motherfuckers (and I’m so sorry for using this word, but I just had too! It’s not really in my dictionary to use it…but in this case – it’s war)!

I reached out to a Swedish Raw Food Expert. Her name is Asa Paul-Johansson. She owns a company called “On the Lime” (very catchy name I must say!)  A few years ago I took her basic course. It was 4 classes, and she made Almond Milk, Granola, Chive-Dill Spread, Mango Kale Smoothie, Kale Chips and a few other things.  We got to taste it and it was yummy! I really loved it! But also felt like “this is a whole science”…kind of. Asa and I talked last week. She told me what to think of, what supplements to add and so forth…

To sum it up: 

Avoid – Sugar of all kinds.  Add – chlorophyll ( if you see me in the back yard grazing…don’t be alarmed. No need to call 911) like wheatgrass, sprouts, shoots, herbs, leafy greens. Oxygen (I’m breating) – Easy to add! Vitamin C (check) – in large doses…like Camu Camu or Amla berries, Vitamin D – from sun rays collected on my bare skin (OK neighbors…Watch out! Again- don’t be scared…it’s only me!), Aloe Vera Juice (check) – not processed, heated or diluted. Mung Beans (check) – growing in my kitchen (not too successful tough…The little tail is not growing out…Darn…Just read that I have to soak them over night…), Chaga and Reishi (check) – Ever heard of Chaga or Reishi? Me neither…but it’s a mushroom (not that kind…) They come in freeze-dried capsules, Artemisini (not check) It’s a wormwood plant. Have to order it. Miracle Fruit (ordered) this little red fruit from West Africa appears to replace the metallic, chemical taste after Chemo, with a sweeter flavor that allows you to eat again. Also counter acting the nausea after Chemo. Alkalinity (kind of check) – To create an alkaline body where cancer cells cannot live;  Avoid cooked foods, fruits, meat, grain, coffee, soda tea etc (etc? etc??? What is there to add to that list of “no-no’s” ?  There goes my food groups!) Hope (check) – Get my mind-set on the right attitude. Hope is the best ally (Thank You Asa!)

Alright – I really want to be the best and healthiest I can be before going into treatment, to stop feeding the cancer cells, that right now are multiplying! I started juicing in the morning. Quit drinking alcohol (for now ;o), eating lots of greens, no meat…and wheatgrass…Yeah, that lovely, green, bitter things of GRASS…Shoving it into my 20-year-old juicer, and the juicer goes “Weeeeeeeeeee” and out comes a puff of smoke from the tired motor! Plus, a bunch of wheatgrass only produces a “tiny-eny” bit…like 1 ounce. But it’s sooo healthy! So I do it!

Then…an hour later…or so – Burp! Wheatgrass burp! Oh how nasty! Not to gross you out, but imagine an “egg burp” (boiled egg…)…Aha! Not that I want to take you down “sensory lane” but a wheatgrass burp is as delicious as an egg burp!

To you health!

Much Love,




One thought on “Burping Wheatgrass…

  1. All I can say is I hate to follow this but know that I pray for you I admire you very much for sharing your journey I probably would do the same, you have a knack for writing so as bad as I feel for the contence I enjoy reading it . ( does that make sence)? Love you fillippa

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