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Life is like a Washing Machine…

Early this morning I was thinking about how we human beings function (in a kind-a fun way!) How we deal with different situations…and what (strangely) came to mind was that we’re all like a washing machine.

Think about it; (and you can add what you want)…Before you start a wash…you pick out the clothes (let’s say they symbolize different feelings and emotions) you sort them according to colors. Colors in one pile, and whites in one.  Now you pick the pile you want to wash first. Just like you deal with feelings and emotions for this day…You’re ready to deal with the not so “colored emotions”, so you throw in the white clothes. Maybe you’ll add an extra rinse today?

Delicates? Oh no! Too difficult…those we deal with later.

The whites are in the washing machine and you add detergent to clean your clothes…just like you add some cleansing thoughts to today’s schedule. Time to start the washing machine (today’s tasks)…Turn the knob to your preference…Cold water (in denial) warm water (open for a chat) or hot water (I’m ready!) Then the water start pouring into the machine…and then “wooshwooshowoosh” the clothes are chugging along in the water and detergent. Just like your day…Chugging along…

Just like in life…You add what you can handle…sometimes less, sometimes more…

Wash is done! The spin cycle did a great job. The clothes are very dry… (How do you feel? Wrung out and ready to be fluffed up?). You start pulling out one piece (a feeling/emotion) after another…and it’s up to you if it goes into the dryer, or to be hung on a hanger? What can the “clothes” handle? (Wanna talk? Share?) Does it need to be ironed (more “stuff” to deal with)…Maybe you should have gone to the Dry Cleaner (your shrink) right away…??? Pewh!

Just a thought, 5 a.m. in the morning.

Much Love,


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