Last MRI…

I’m getting tired of writing about them…the MRI’s.  At the same time it’s good to keep a log (blog! Ha!) It’s on Tuesday April 22nd at 4 p.m.

Guess What? Radiation Department is running BEHIND! (Say it ain’t so!)  At least one hour (equals two hours…) All over sudden I saw I had missed a call from my Oncology Doctor. Since I’m at C.C, and they are running late, I walk up to her office to see if she can see me, but she’s with a new client (been there…) The front desk girl will give her my message. Dr. Stone calls me after a little bit, and tells me that my liver have an “enlarged duct” that both her and the Gastro Intestinal doctor are a little concerned about. She says “It’s not cancer, but it could be an infection. You have to see this GI Doc.” I ask what they might do?  She says “They might have to go down your throat, to the liver and take a peek”. My heart drops and I don’t want to “play” anymore…I don’t want any more interruptions. I don’t want any more MRI’s (for now), picking or poking. Please God – fix this!

And who gets to call my name at 5.30 p.m??? Oh yeah – MR SLOTH!!! What a wonderful world! He’s as friendly as ever… I don’t need an IV – yet. He says he will put it in, half way through.

Belly up, sleeping mask on, head set over my ears, and I ask him to crank up the music! He does! The best MIR ever! Even tough, half way through, he needs to put in an IV and he’s shaking.He pokes me twice, cause he can’t find a vein…It’s all good!

After wards I say “I don’t ever want to see you again”. He says “I hear that all the time”. I say “Well, I’m sure I will be seeing you…” He says “See you at Publix!”

I say “See you at Publix!”


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