We have a game plan!

Long story short – all the recent MRI’s came back fine! The liver is good, the nodule in the breast was benign, and the right hip is good. Calls for celebration, doesn’t it?

Dr. Stones (oncology) office called and wanted to schedule me for an appointment with Dr. Stone. I got kind of excited, and at the same time I’m thinking “Holy Shit. This is it!” Time is ticking and I can’t stop it…

I took the first opening, on Thursday at 1 p.m. Brian couldn’t come with me, so I asked Aunt Gunilla be my secretary. She willingly accepted.

My name got called, and the nurse did the usual things…weight, length, blood pressure, temp and questions. Then Dr Stone comes in. She’s so calm and nice! She goes over the 5 MRI’s I have done and- the-Triple-Negative-HER 2 (overproducing protein) after that we get down to “A game plan”.

Dr. Stone asks me what my schedule is, and I say “Well…if I’m going to feel crummy for a few days, I want to feel crummy when my husband is home, and can take care of the dogs etc”. Dr Stone says okay. The game plan will be to come back on Wednesday, April 30th to put in a port. This port will be located around the collarbone area. The first day I will have keep the needle there, but it will be taped it down so it won’t hurt me during the rest of the day, and at night, plus they don’t have to ‘hurt’ me again the next day. After the first Chemo treatment, they will take it out. The port will stay there for 4 months …during the whole treatment time.  I guess you get used to it…

The first Chemotherapy treatment starts on Thursday May 1st! One month after I got diagnosed!  Dr. Stone tells me I will be treated with one kind of medication for 4 times, and then another medication for the last 4 treatments. I can’t, or will not,  say the names of the Chemo drugs, because I’m still getting used to what they are, and how to pronounce them…The side effects will be stronger with this first medication and less with the second one…On Friday May 2nd I will go back in for a shot of a drug, that will help my white blood cells return.

Dr. Stone also tells me about what to eat, and what not to eat. She said during Chemo your diet should be small meals. Every 2 – 3 hours. Eat carbs, bland food. No fresh fruit or veggies. Except for bananas and oranges. Fruit with a peel. Frozen fruit and veggies are okay. No raw food. Oral hygiene is important and to use Sensodyne, or Arm and Hammer as toothpaste. Again, something mild…So, my no carb, no dairy, lots of fresh greens and fruit – is out the window! Now I get to go back and indulge in carbs again!

First thing that came to my mind was COSTCO’s vanilla soft Ice cream, with warm strawberries topping! Yum! Funny how your mind can take to a place in NO time! I was right there at Costco… ordering an ice cream! *drooling*…

More to come…

11 thoughts on “We have a game plan!

  1. I’m sooo happy about the liver, hip and biopsy news!!! Thank God for that! Now we know the plan Filippa…and I will be here for you through this whole journey. One day at a time. Love you!

  2. Att ha en port är superbra! Tyvärr kunde jag inte ha någon – hade så dåliga värden så de tordes inte skära pga risk att jag skulle förblöda. Jag hade någon sorts rör i armen istället och sånt är klart mycket besvärligare.

  3. Kara Filippa, jag har precis nu last din email om att du fatt brost cancer ! Jag ar needless to say shockad! Det forsta jag sa till mig sjalv var ” nej, inte Filippa, det ar inte mojligt”! Sedan borjade jag grata. Det ar val en normal reaction antar jag. Sedan satte jag mig for att tanka pa sjalva sisuationen och da kande jag att det har klarar Filippa. Du ar determined och sa positiv och det ar halva healingen dar. Cleveland Clinic ar basta sjukhuset I landet ( Liza Minelli andvander Cleveland Clinic I Fort Lauderdale :-)))
    Jag vill absolut folja dig pa denna resa mot healing och cheer you on!! Lat mig veta I’m det ar nagot jag kan gora for dig. Love you lots ❤

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