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What a week!

Thinking back on this past week…

Monday – was a day of organizing things I didn’t have to organize, but it kept me busy not to think too much!

Tuesday – I went to Cleveland Clinic to have an MRI done. I understand this is the best way to see inside the human being without cutting it open. They were 2 hours late, which is VERY unusual they explained. The little old nurse seemed frustrated that she couldn’t keep up. She was very sweet and apologetic. Since you have to be fasting before this test, I was a little irritated and HUNGRY!  Then I got an IV in my right arm, and injected with contrast…More waiting time…ugh!

I was put on a tiny slab and pushed into a hole that was not too freaky small…the good thing was, I was on my stomach, and didn’t see how close the hole was to my body. I was thankful to be laying on my stomach! They put headphones over my ears with music playing, Michael Jackson was singing “Billy Jean”… You have to lay perfectly still, or they’re going to do this all over again (maybe that’s why they were late? Well, I was not going to be one of “those”…) The whole scanning would take about 30 minutes. I was prepared…Kind of! THE NOISE!!! OMG!!! It’s like an Ambulance driving by, and here comes a Freight Train, and OH! Wait! Here’s the noise from the banging when they put iron rods into the ground on Hwy I-595!!!

All over sudden it gets quiet, and I think “Finally it’s over!” The technician said “You’re doing great! Just 13 minutes left“. That’s when I had to take a deep breath, start counting seconds, not think about I wanted to kick my feet or the itching in my left ear.

I survived of course, but don’t want to do this again…(turns out I have to – later story!)

Wednesday – The day of tests!

7 a.m. first drink of Barium Sulphate…a ‘delish’ drink 7 a.m. in the morning…NOOOT! Then again at 8 a.m. the second liter of this white chalky, drink with wild berry taste…(as I write I notice I’m making a “face” just remembering the nasty taste…). Yakk!

My neighbor, Shannon, comes and picks me up at 9.15 to take me to C.C. They are not late today! I get in pretty quickly and I receive another IV with Nuclear (secret :0) fluids. They young male nurse takes me to another part of the Radiology Department, and hands me over to the CT (Computer Tomography with Contrast) of the pelvis…another injection. Just wondering how much injection my body can take, and if I’m glowing in the dark…? CT Scan is a piece of cake. It’s also a hole, or tube, kind of process that scans over your body. They tell me what to do during the test. At one point I have to put my right arm straight up, so they can inject the Iodine. They warn me about the intense warm feeling you will experience, and the feeling of peeing…Here we go!

Two hour break! So hungry! I go to their cafeteria and have breakfast even though it’s lunch time. I love breakfast…Favorite meal of the day! Washing down the Barium Sulphite with some Cafe Latte and reading “Love, Eat, Pray” on my Kindle.

Back to Radiology to do the second part of the Nuclear Bone Density test. They wrap my arms together with a blanket so they won’t fall of to the side, and tie my feet together… How sweet! ;o) Might sound claustrophobic…but it’s actually fine! This test is quiet, also in a tube thing. It more like a giant scanning ring that goes up and down. I can hear them whisper…It’s very quiet. Kind of nice…This test is also 30 minutes…when I’m done I thanks them for 30 minutes of meditation time.

Last test at 3 p.m. A Cardiac Echo Sonogram (I think that’s what it’s called), the nurse technician is a bubbly, very friendly, likable woman! Like her immediately. Another 30 minutes goes by…and I’m all done for today! Woohoo!

Actually my last appointment was at 4 p.m., but Dr.Blake called and said the had reviewed the MRI I had done yesterday, and they saw a nodule “at 6 o’clock” in my right breast…probably nothing but they want me to do another biopsy (aspiration) during an MRI… (oh no! F-that Ambulance f-ing noise shit!)

Done for this Wednesday. Test Results on Friday.

Much Love,






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Monday – A day of waiting…

I just want this week to be “over with” so I know my future…Ugh! Waiting can be a drag!

Tomorrow I will have an MRI done. I guess it’s not the very tiny tunnel you go into, but a slightly larger one. You lay on your stomach and the whole Magnetic Resonance Imaging takes 45 minutes. You are not allowed to move at all...I have heard it’s very noisy and cold. I can easily handle that and I don’t think I will be claustrophobic!

As usual, I took my doggies (Emma & Freja) for a walk this morning…on the way back we ran into our neighbor, and her and her dog, Charlie Brown (standard poodle, see picture below). They have recently gone through a very tough time, and understand my situation completely (even CB…). We talked and walked…I said I want (and need) to change my diet. I eat a lot of processed sugars, and sugar feeds the cancer cells…I just want to cut it out! Later the same morning I get a knock on my front door and there is my neighbor with a cookbook “Cancer-Fighting Kitchen” (nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for cancer Treatment and Recovery) A beautiful book with lots of color photos. The author tells you what to eat for nausea, dehydration, fatigue, diarrhea, sore mouth, weight loss and so on! And recipes for just “normal” healthy eating! So grateful! Brian and I will be busy shopping for the right food and cooking…(I know – read Brian! I will be eating though!)


Much love,






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Up to date…

I have decided to start a blog to write about my “new journey”!

I have also decided to write in English. I’m originally from Sweden, but have lived in the US for 24 years. Pretty much “half and half”…My English is not prefect and my Swedish is not perfect…so just accept my spelling mistakes and grammar faux pas! I don’t even know if WordPress have a “spell check”? 

My new journey, is my journey through facing lymph and breast cancer. Yup! Pretty much sums it up! I got diagnosed April 1st, 2014 and this is not an April fools joke! Even though that would have been a good one…What if the Doctor would have said “JUST KIDDING!!! It’s April fools day!” but of course she didn’t!

In January of 2014 I felt a lump under my right armpit, but was thinking I had an infection and that the lymph nodes were swollen. The swelling didn’t go down, so I decided to go to my Doctor (Dr. Leslie Herzog). They did an Ultra Sound at the office, and the results came back a few days later…Yes, it was something…I got referred to an other Doctor, who suggested I do a Mammogram, since my last one was a year ago. I scheduled my Mammogram and also a Diagnostic Sonogram. The Mammogram didn’t show anything, but the Diagnostic Sonogram showed a suspicious mass. 

My primary Doctor gave me a few options where to go next. I decided to go to the reputable Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, in Weston Florida. I met with Doctor Blake, who ordered me to get a biopsy. The results came back 5 days later. My husband and I met with her April 1st, 2014. Yes, it was cancer in the lymph nodes, and the lump in the right breast. Dr. Blake had me see Dr. Stone that same day, and she talked to us about bla..bla…bla…bla…bla…bla…bla!!! She was VERY NICE AND CARING, but my mind was still stuck on cancer…Didn’t hear much of what she was saying…except for more tests next week. Oh! and…both Doctors agree I have to start with Chemo, because my lymph nodes are enlarged and they want to shrink them before they can do surgery…

Came home with a surreal feeling, and tons of pamphlets, books to read!

The Social Worker, Cara, encouraged to go and look at wigs (if I preferred to use a wig) and to do this sooner than later…that way they can see my hair and hair style…What? Loosing my hair, and eyebrows and eyelashes??? I know…it’s just temporary! Not that I have long, lush, thick hair…but it’s still a big deal…

Next week I will do an MRI (that tube thing…), Nuclear bone density test, CT Scan of my pelvic, and a cardio-something-test…

As I said; I have decided to Blog my journey…this way I can keep my family and friends, in both Sweden and here in the U.S., updated…and it’s probably good therapy for myself as well!

Much Love,





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