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Wig and Port!

On April 24th we decided on “A game plan”…A week later my Chemo was going to start…woohoo…kind of not so much…But, glad in a way to get it going.

I decided to keep myself as busy as possible…and do things that I might not feel like doing in a long time, like cleaning the ceiling fans, blinds, etc. I finally got my whole tile floor professionally cleaned and the grout lines. Except for cleaning inside I also cleaned up tons of Eureka Palms in the back yard…Only I can tell tough! When I get going in the back yard, Brian calls me “Edwards Scissor Hands” (I like that old movie) …I can butcher the backyard! My thought is: It will grow back!

Saturday we had a fun party to go to – One of the neighbors had a “Murder Mystery Party”. The theme was “Margarita Land – a resort in the Caribbean” They went all out on this Party from the invitations (in a glass bottles, with sand and shells) and detailed descriptions of all the characters. And all our crazy neighbors acted their character to perfection. So much fun! The food was fantastic! And lots to drink!

On Tuesday I had an appointment to the Cancer Society’s Wig Closet! I was thinking Why Not? I didn’t really feel like going alone, so I asked Sharon and Shannon. They liked the idea! We got there, and the building itself is okay, but walking in the door was kind of discouraging. The Front Desk lady was not very friendly and that’s kind of bizarre to me. You think a person working for THE CANCER SOCIETY would be welcoming and warm, and even a little bubbly? No?

We got buzzed in, and another lady (who was much nicer) showed us to a waiting room (2 by 4 feet room…tiny) after a few minutes the ’Wig-lady’ took us in to the “hair salon”. She told us that all the wigs were donated… (My first thought was “Yakk” I’m going to wear someone else’s rug? Pffffftttttttt…NA!) But then she said “They are all new. Donated from various places”. OH! OK!

She went into a side room where I could see shelves with wigs, but also lots of boxes with wigs…Have no idea how they could keep track…She came back out with 3 or 4 different wigs. They first one she really believed in. Little blonder than my hair and longer…but they can all be cut. I put it on and I looked sooo funny!!! It was like an 80’s blond mullet and a bi-hive – ALL IN ONE! The lady really thought I could make it work… Muuuhahahaha…heck no!

The second one was darker and shorter. I put it on and felt like this could work! I fixed it a little and both S + S liked it as well. I asked the lady if I wanted it, how does it work. She said “It’s yours!”

I got a wig!

Wednesday April 30th – Put in “the PORT” – It was a long day. Had to fast from the night before, and my appointment was at 11.30 a.m. Got directed to a new wing at C.C. Interesting to see another part! Here you got a beeper in the waiting area. Right away I heard people talking about how long they had waited…Getting used to it… As long as I can read and relax, I’m good. But today was different – I was hungry!

They were not delayed by much. I got in, and onto a bed, and the nurse hooked me up with an IV, WARM BLANKET…and then Dr Burman made his presence. I could tell on his smiling face he was a charmer! A very nice, sun burned, funny guy. I could (also) tell the staff liked him. He told me everything about the procedure…where the port was going. A tube up to a vein in the neck. I will be swollen for a few days, and I could not shower for 7 days! WAIT…say that again??? I cannot shower for SEVEN DAYS??? Nope, he said!  (hm…There are ways around that…)

He continued to say I will be in a dream state…I will feel ‘some pressure but nothing will hurt! They wheeled be into the OR room…and started to prep me.

All over sudden a nurse said “I’m so sorry they talked about basketball the whole time!”

What? I had no idea! I was out!

So, time to get used to the port…he, she, it will be with me for 4 months. The port and I.

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