The days after….

It’s like I’m walking on egg shells…and I am. Because I know I have this Chemo solution in me, and I have no idea how my body is going to react…so I’m walking around feeling my feelings…in a way…

As soon as we got home from “My first chemo day” I was exhausted! Maybe it was my mind playing a game, but I felt nauseous…does it go that fast? What do I know? So, I opened my first prescription drug for Nausea/vomiting and swallowed my first pill…more “egg. shell. walking”. How will my body react? It’s not ME anymore…it’s “an alien in my body”.

Or, maybe “the alien” is the cancer, and the chemo is the”cleanup crew”. Well, the cleanup crew is using extremely strong chemicals. That’s for sure! “Tree huggers” (excuse my generalization of people…no pun intended) would never approve of this cleaning material…

Do I have a choice? Of course I have a choice. We all have a choice in whatever we do. Seriously. My choice is to follow the traditional treatment. My choice.  I could have chosen Alternative Cancer Treatments (and I admire people who are brave enough to do this) but it’s not for me.

I went to bed early that night, and what bothered me more than anything, was the Port that was put in the day before my treatment…I could not turn over in bed. Had to sleep on my back…with two dogs glued to my side.

24 hours after the Chemo, I had to be back at Cleveland Clinic to get an injection to boost my white blood cells. It’s supposed to stimulate the growth of healthy white blood cells in the bone marrow. The side effects could be:  Pain (bone pain), fever, chills, sore throat (like you’re getting the flu), shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, rashes.  I can’t remember how long it took before I started feeling pain in my sternum or chest bone. First I thought it was the Port (again) that was healing…but it was like a deeper pain in the whole chest…rib cage and all…I could not bend forward because of the discomfort, not take deep breaths, and (again) I was doomed to sleep on my back! It’s not easy to accept that, when you are a “side sleeper”!

The nausea really kicked in by the second day…I really (really) realized how important it was to eat every 3 hours. Constantly keep something in my stomach! But how much fun is it to eat when you are nauseous? I had already loaded up with ‘easy fixes’ like yogurt, rice pudding, Mac Cheese etc.

 “What would you like to eat today dear Alien and Cleanup Crew? Something I, (the owner of this body), can keep down, or something the “cleanup crew” is going to throw back up and out?”

In all seriousness – I didn’t vomit. Woohoo! But it was close! I took a pill as soon as I felt really nauseous…I have them for a reason! But they are heavy, duty, white piece of PILL! About 2 hours after popping one of those, I get dizzy, a little woozy…not really connected to planet earth…”Lala Land!”

By Tuesday, 4 days after Chemo, I started feeling like ME again. Thank God I GET TO BE ME for a week before the next treatment! Life is good!

Much Love!


PS. I have to mention that I received probably 8 messages, in one shape or another, suggesting me to smoke pot during this time…I just have to “wink”! Thanks Guys ;o)


2 thoughts on “The days after….

  1. Yikes, that sucks..Glad you are feeling better, even if it’s just for a few days..Kramis!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Pot hjälper.. 🙂 Fastän jag inte är så förtjust i det själv så hjälpte det min syster när hon var sjuk. Det hjälpte med sömn och aptit jag hejar på!!! Du klarar detta, din positiva attityd är viktigast!! Vi ses snart. Kramar!! Helena.

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