I’m Grateful!

We moved in to our neighborhood 18 years ago. March 1996. Time have passed sooo quickly!

If you go down 59th Avenue from our house, and cross over Peter’s Road you come to a beautiful park, Heritage Park. For 18 years I have walked there with my dogs…I have gotten to know many people in the park, who’s also been walking for years and years…with or without dogs!

This special morning, last week, I felt such Gratitude…

I’m grateful for the perfect blue sky above me…and the airplane (way up there!) in the sky!

I’m grateful for the morning Sun, who’s just starting to warm up mother earth.

I’m grateful for the puffy, white, clouds that gives me shade, and makes me fantasy about the clouds formation (There’s a goat in the sky!)

I’m grateful for the beautiful Trumpet Tree that is full of yellow, blooming flowers.

I’m grateful for the amazing Sweet Bay Magnolia Trees with their white massive flowers…for the Sea Grape, the Royal Poinciana that is so fiery, glowing orange-red it looks like it’s on fire!

I’m grateful for the old Oak Trees who’s branches are reaching out to get the sun rays, and creating a beautiful canopy underneath it,  for that I am grateful…

I’m grateful for all the nice people, in the park, saying “Good Morning” and smiling!

I’m grateful for the beautiful pond that sits in the middle of the park, and all the ducks that are bobbing on the water…looking happy and peaceful!

I’m grateful for the butterfly (who just missed Emma’s jaws) and are happily seeking more nectar!

I’m grateful for the birds that are protecting their babies in the nest…Diving down in their flight, touching my head, telling me to leave their territory…for those, loving, Mom’s I’m grateful!

I’m grateful for the purple, violet, blooming Jacaranda Trees that reminds me of the Crown Chakra – the connection to God and spirit…God’s strength and power lovingly flow through me at all times..for that I am immensely grateful!

I’m grateful for that path I’m walking…the same path I have walked for many years…but different…

…for that I’m grateful!

4 thoughts on “I’m Grateful!

  1. That is so beautiful Filippa, we all have so much to be grateful for that we sometimes takes for granted. I like the park your talking about. We use to walk there with Marabou and Molly when I had slept over at your house. Molly would always behave but goof Marabou was a different story :-).

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