In Preparation for Round 2!

I was a nervous wreck before my second chemo…I must say maybe even worse than the first time. I knew what was going to happen, and how hard it was the first time to keep the nausea at bay…

I signed in…I had my friend Jane with me. We were a little late (I was okay with that – yes, I was!) Then I got called into the Doctors office…That’s the routine. First I see the nurse. I have to weigh myself. They want to see if you lost any weight. The chemo concoction is measured according to your weight, and the Lab results. The chemo is mixed right then and there. Amazing! (Side note – If my wonderful neighbors continue to feed me like they do…I will most likely gain weight and maybe need heavier chemo! Oh No!)

The nurse takes my blood pressure, temp, and asks me some questions…the normal stuff.  Then the Doctor Enters… *I need some music here…Dramatic entrance like… DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUN*

It’s not really like she knew I had this “butterfly swarm” in my stomach…and she’s not very dramatic person at all…it’s just my interpretation of what I felt like before she came in…I wanted to turn away… But, she entered and she sat down…and I stayed!  She asked me how I was doing after the first Chemo and she said “you must have been doing pretty good, because I only heard from you once! (Yes, I called her once…I had a very important question…Not! And…I have to admit, I wanted to see if she would call me back, or if a nurse would call. Dr. Stone called shortly after and answered my suuuper important question) I did good, but had some really tough days…and it’s not like I’m going to call the Doctor when I feel super nauseated, dizzy, disconnected, constipated, chest pain, back pain, and just blaha…blaha…or??? Hm!

I told the Doc I was very scared this time, and she said she could see it in my face. She put her hand over mine and told me to talk to her…So I did. After I was done, Dr. Stone became this super motivational Speaker!  She told me what I should change in my diet, and she added a nausea (acid reducer) medicine.”Do this, do that…Give me an F! Give me an I! Give an L! Give me another I! Give me two P’s! Give me an A! What does that spell???? F I L I P P A!!! Woohoo!!!

Not really! But after her speech I felt 100% ready to go to “the chair”!

Story Continues…


2 thoughts on “In Preparation for Round 2!

  1. Your attitude and your intention are so amazingly powerful…you make me cry, you make me laugh, but most of all, you make me so proud to be your friend. I cherish you!!

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