An Angel?

When I was walking my dogs in the park today,  I saw from far away, a tall, slender guy running. He was coming towards us…It looked so effortless when he was running. Like a Gazelle…Scwhishhh…Scwishhh…

He came closer and I saw he had weights around his ankles…It still looked so effortless!

He came closer, and he had the biggest most beautiful smile I have ever seen on his face, and he said “Good Morning!” and he dragged out the good and morning…I could feel he really meant it! (It felt so good!)

I smiled back and said “Good Morning” to this Smiling Gazelle…

I continued walking and after a while we met again…He came closer, and I could see he had taken off his ankle weights. Now he was free from the weights and his step was like he was floating

With his infectious, beautiful smile he said “We meet again!”

I said “You got rid of your weights…Now you can fly!”

He said “Yes, I can fly!”

I think I just met an Angel in disguise…


8 thoughts on “An Angel?

  1. Hi Filippa!

    I have been following your blog for a few days now and I want to tell you how proud I am of you for sharing your experience! You are a beautiful and powerful woman who is loved by many. I wish you a pain free journey and a 100% recovery!

    Love, Joyce Kearns

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Wow, so powerful and yet so easy. So great seeing you last night. Thank you for being part of us all and letting us be part of you.

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