Ready for my third Chemo.  As always, I see the nurse first and then Dr. Stone before going into chemo.

Dr. Stone went through my blood work and asked me about how the past two weeks had been. Side effects etc?  At the end she said “Questions?” I said “Not really…” and I pretty much repeated what we had said… and I must have added “I have like a slight discomfort when I take a deep breath on my right side…like the breast bone area…” and she said “Where?” I said “Like under my clavicle bone, down a little to the right…my kind-of breast bone” She started asking 1000 questions…and then she said “The reason I’m asking all these questions is because the (adriamycin) chemo your receiving could cause blood clot, it could also affect your heart. I want to rule out all these possible side effects before you do your next chemo…” She continued “If you were a patient who complained a lot, I would maybe discard this, but you’re like this stoic Swedish person who does not complain at all, but when you do – I listen!”

I said “Oh, it’s probably nothing…” (Thinking ‘shit’ why did I open my big mouth…the discomfort is probably from walking the dogs…or painting…or typing…or…argh!!!)

She said “Just wait…I’ll be right back!” She left and came back after a few minutes. She sat down and looked into my eyes and said “I talked to another Doctor, just to get a second opinion, and we both agree that we have to rule out what it could be…So, I’m going to send you down to…ER…” (The look in her face was like “I’m so sorry- I’m so sorry- I’m so sorry-face”)

I said “SHIT!”

She said “Yes, shit!”

She said “I’m going to call ER and tell them you’re on your way, and I want them to do a Cat Scan and Cardio gram…then we’ll go from there. We have to rule out the risk for a blood clot in your lungs and any heart issue…”

I said “You’re no fun…” (Of course, at the same time, I knew this was the right thing to so…but how much fun is it to be sent to ER??? In my mind I pictures long waiting time, people running around, beds with “sick people”, noisy, and TRAUMA…people with gunshot wounds…blood on the floor…kind of… *smiling*…)

It was a freaking loooong walk to ER (one minute)…I checked in (still thinking it was going to take forever!) We sat down (aunt Gunilla was with me) and almost as soon as I sat down they called my name (or something similar to my name…like Filipina…) that was quick! It was the triage nurse who needed to do some test…Then back to the waiting room (now – for sure – here comes the loooong waiting time!) But, no! I got called just a few minutes later.

I had to change to the blue hospital gown, and got hooked up to the machines (heart and blood pressure); they put in an IV and drew some blood (of course)…I think I had 4 people in the room at the same time, doing different things, but asking me the same thing…”What happened?”

So many things went through my head at this time…one thought could not be finished, before another one started…Blood clot in my lungs? Heart issue? The delay with Chemo…What will happen now?

In comes a tall bald guy with blue eyes…I was wondering if we had the same barber? But most likely NOT! He was the ER doctor. He asked “What happened?” Seriously, when you have answered that question 4 to 5  times already within the last hour…you (or I) feel like answering something like “I swallowed a piece of LEGO…” but I didn’t!

It turned out that this Doctor was very nice and had humor! ME LIKE! He even advised me to have a glass of wine tonight. ME LIKE!

Three hours later (after Cat Scan and blood test) the results had come back. They were all NEGATIVE!  Woohoo! The ER Doctor could discharge me, but not before he told me about his mother who had been through breast cancer, and was now three years healthy. Congrats!

(Just one more heart test (an ECO gram) before I can continue with my Chemo).

One experience richer!


2 thoughts on “ER…

  1. I am in awe of your courage and humor….I know this will be a book of inspiration for anyone going thru chem. It is so heartfelt and real that I tear up every time I read one of your blogs. oxox

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