Third Round…Over and done!

I decided to go to my third chemo just by myself…and it was fine. My appointment was at 8 a.m. I knew I would be home around 1.30 p.m…or so… During chemo I watched some TV, read a little bit, took a quick nap…It was fine!

Well, someone (Buster – neighbor) was NOT happy with me going to my appointment by myself (he read me ‘the rights’…) and I had to promise never to do that again… (okay okay…)

Bouncing back this time was more difficult…I read a blog some time ago that compared getting chemo to like you’re in the boxing ring. First round your fresh and bouncing back…You don’t really know what to expect…it’s your first time in the ring. You’re doing great! Round two; you kind of know what’s going on. You’re somewhat familiar to roll with the punches…You duck and get hit…but doing pretty okay! Round three; you’re bouncing around in the ring… You’re getting hit. You can handle it…You try to duck but get punched in the stomach really hard…it’s harder to bounce back this time…

This is how I felt this time – Much harder to bounce back!

I’m not sure if it’s the chemo or if it’s the injection (to boost my white blood cells) I get the next day…maybe a combination?

Actually, this is what happened – I woke up Saturday feeling okay. I said to Brian “I feel okay. Take the dogs for a walk and I’ll clean the house while I have some energy. Go, Go, GO!!!” Out he went! Thrown out of the house and I dusted, vacuumed and mopped before I crashed! Pewh! (Pust! In Swedish)

If I remember the weather was so-so… I slept on and of that day. It didn’t really hurt anywhere…I had some nausea…but nothing I couldn’t handle without some natural remedy, and eating every 3 hours! I noticed if I keep eating every three hours I beat the nausea…Staying one step ahead so to speak. I don’t have to eat much…and I can’t eat a lot…its fine with a yogurt, a banana, Mac and cheese, bread with cheese…and…ice cream. I’m aware I should stay away from SUGAR! Sugar feeds cancer! It’s the hard truth. But I like sugar…I was brought up on sugar…I’m a sugar addict! Ice Cream Monster!  AND  when you’re emotions takes over, when you feel like crap, and sorry for yourself… (Oh yeah! Play that little mini violin!)…then the ‘sugar items’ goes down pretty fine…YUM!

Usually Sundays are okay…kind of…but not this Sunday. I was on the couch all day…I walked around the pool a few times just to get fresh air, get some blood circulation going…and then back to the couch!

I was looking forward to Monday; because Monday is usually a good day (sorry for repeating myself but I had HOPE!)…I can get out and walk the dogs again…feel a little stronger! Wohoo! But NOT this Monday! I was knocked out …still…– third round knock out! And a new discovery…Let’s call it “third round constipation!” I’m telling you – it brings the word constipation to a whole new level. I’m not going to get into it (TMI) but when “it” happens … It’s like winning the lottery (not that I have won the lottery…Can just imagine!) It’s pretty amazing how your body functions…(Let’s move on…Not going to get stuck in this shit) I had to kick Brian out of bed and ask him to walk the dogs this morning. I just could not do it. I had no energy. Zero!  I slept (again) most of the day…I was disappointed…in myself… (Even though I had won the crap lottery!)

Tuesday – TA DAA! Woke up and felt better. Decided to push myself and walk the dogs just a short walk…I really wanted to get out! I walked about three miles and I had to stop a couple of times and rest. That has never happened before! God forbid I stop!  LOL! You have to know when it comes to exercise and me…I push myself. I can be stubborn and very determined…there is not a STOP button!

Some of my Running buddies don’t want me to talk when I run, because if I get into a subject, or a story I’m passionate about – I SPEED UP! I’m unaware of this…but my running buddies are not! They tell me to “Shut up and slow down!”…I love them! (Ops! A side note!)

When I came back from the walk that morning I ran into our neighbor across the street. She asked me if I was okay (…hm…what do I answer to that)? I said “Kind of…” then I realized I was totally drenched in sweat…The sweat was running from my bald head, underneath my hat, and down in my face and neck…my t-shirt was soaking wet…I looked like crap! Of course she was a little concerned! I was probably sweating out a lot of poison and toxins from my system.  We talked and she wants to come with me to my next treatment (got that covered – Probably have to alert Buster ;o) and the doggies got their treat!

Wednesday was probably the first day I felt pretty good! One of my neighbors asked me, that Wednesday night, when I knew I was feeling good or better? I thought about it and I realize it was around 5 p.m. I was waiting for Brian to come home, and I started cleaning the kitchen…Like deep cleaning…(what’s up with me and cleaning?) and I didn’t get tired! I had more energy… FINALLY!

Glad I’m done with Round Three



10 thoughts on “Third Round…Over and done!

  1. Filippa, I am so sorry that you have to feel that way from the Chemo. How many more rounds do you have to go through? I must say I admire your strength and still able to have your sense of humor. I can’t wait for the day you are done with Chemo and back to feeling great again and you are able to run and exercise. Thinking of you often. Feel better soon. Bamse hugs to you!

  2. Filippa, I’ve been thinking about you! Glad to hear an update. Love you tons my friend, you are an inspiration and an awesome writer:) Sending love and light!

  3. I’m glad you’re done with round 3, too, but I’m going to come over to your house tomorrow and kick your ass for going to chemo by yourself.
    Love you! : ) jk

  4. You go girl!!! And don’t be disappointed in yourself – you’re a fighter and have never been a couch potato. You need to listen to your body and rest when you feel drained and out of energy – that’s a signal from your body… Forget about the house cleaning, it can always wait a few more days (or in my case weeks… LOL) Your house is always spotless so a few more days doesn’t matter 😉 I like the analogy with the boxing ring…makes sense…. Keep up the good spirits and don’t be too hard on yourself. Lots and lots of love my dear friend!!!

  5. Här kommer många varma kramar från Kia o Håkan! Du är helt fantastisk Filippa! Och vilken författare, din blog är verkligen makalös och härlig att läsa trots vad du måste gå igenom. Den kommer bli en bestseller om du väljer att göra bok av den när denna period i livet är över.
    Kämpa på Filippa, vi tänker på dig och Brian!

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