Round 6 – 2 more do go…Can you believe it? Celebration time!!!

Time flies…

So, I forgot one thing the night before Chemo day…Ops! I was supposed to take 5 pills of steroids at night and 5 pills in the morning on an empty stomach…Totally forgot!  I finally realized it when I was out walking the dogs in the morning. My mind started going in circles thinking “Idiot! How can you forget that?” Being disappointed in me…What if I have to change the appointment? I rushed home and called the Doctor and admitted I was an idiot and had forgotten my pills. The Doc told me to take the 5 morning pills and come in anyway…And that I wasn’t “an idiot!” Pewh! Funny how it works out sometimes! *smiling*…

Can you believe it …the Doc. was 45 minutes late seeing me….What?!?! (saying this facetiously) When I finally got to see her she was very happy with my results. My red blood cells were up by one point. I’m not in the ‘anemic danger zone anymore’. I don’t need a blood transfusion. Which means the liquid iron (that I’m drinking) WORKS! Wopeiii!!!

I went through all my new side effects…from the new chemo – Taxol – and the good’ol shot Neulasta…

  1. Just slightly nauseous. Did not have to take any pills!
  2. Mouth sores – yes! One or two every time!
  3. NEW -Big round rashes under my armpit…like a circle around it. Very irritated. Fresh aloe from our yard helped.
  4. NEW – The worst of all – BONE pain! By Saturday I could not lay down, or sit down or walk around…the bone pain was too much…I had to take an oxycodone!  It took about 45 minutes before it settled in…and when the pain slowly subsided…OH! How nice! I could relax and sleep…Lala-land! Could not wait until I could take my second pill after 6 hours…of course the pain came back! The weekend continued in the oxyxodone mode…By Tuesday I felt fine and could lay off the painkiller.
  5. NEW – Nose bleed. Like turning on a faucet. Not for very long… Maybe 10 minutes. It happened twice the same day…and then I was out of blood ;o)

I think that was it. My Doctors response was to the last two issues were; the bone pain (which they had warned me about of course) She told me not to wait until the pain got too bad. To take an oxydodone when the pain starts…She said “Be comfortable! You’re body is going through a lot of things, so take the oxycodone and relax. Don’t be in pain when you don’t have to!” (Ok! Mama!)

The nose bleed – I was wondering if it had anything to do with me being anemic…She said “You can get anemic from nose bleeds. But you are already anemic, so this is most likely that your mucous walls, in your nose, are dry from the chemo. The only thing you need is a saline nose spray”

Then, because my wonderful Doctor was late, some one got my chemo chair. My appointment for Chemo was 11.30 a.m. and I got in at 12.45 p.m. I got chair no 4, and I don’t like that chair because the TV doesn’t work…On the other hand – I usually just have the TV on, but don’t really watch it! But IT’S THERE ;o) It’s there, in case I really want to watch “Day’s of our lives” or “Family Feud” (He,he,he…Not!)

Since I forgot to take the steroids the night before“they” had to get back at me somehow…Since the TAXOL could give me a bad allergic reaction, I had to take a couple of Tylenol, and they also added steroids and Benadryl to my IV…Wooosie! I get hungry from the steroids and sleepy from the Benadryl…So basically I’m like a baby…I eat and sleep.

For the last 2 treatments I have started to bring lunch with me. The only thing they have in their little kitchen is yogurt, bagels in plastic, cream cheese, some fruit, and trail mix. That is getting old! I wanted something good if I’m going to spend most of the day there!

So, when I was all hooked up to my port, and everything was dripping into my body, I added food to my belly! A good sandwich, tea, an apple and Marabou chocholate! YUM! Around 2 p.m. I got a visit from a friend (Åsa) who works across the street! Great to see her! But when the Benadryl started working I had a hard time keeping my eyes open! It was a fun visit, but when she left I fell asleep like a baby! When I woke up, after 2 plus hours, the lady who was with the “next door” patient said I slept like an angel! I wonder if I snored? Naaaa… Angels don’t snore!

Brian (husband) texted me around 4.45 p.m. to see if I was ready to be picked up? I saw on the IV monitor I had about 50 min left. Brian showed up after a little while. I had 10 minutes left, then they have to flush, and add heparine to the port…

Long day – Left at 10.00 a.m. and came home around 6 p.m. The dogs were very happy to see us! Don’t worry dog lovers….I had 2 people to come over and to walk and let them out during the day! People they know and love!

Now – I’m on my way to receive the Neulasta shot…So, I wanted to post this before I disappear for a few days!

I have another post almost ready…Stay tuned!



Before I started this Journey…I was oblivious about all the different breast cancers and all the different treatments. Breast cancer was breast cancer kind of!!! I didn’t know!!! No clue!!!

Many people do not understand that there are different kinds of breast cancer (like me…before). Even some women, who have had breast cancer, do not understand the differences between triple-negative breast cancer, and breast cancers that are hormone receptor-positive or HER 2 positive.

Women I meet may have taken a hormone treatment pill for 5 years to protect them from recurrence. These women may not understand that this option does not exist for my type of cancer. Having to explain this is new to me and can at times be frustrating…because I’m learning myself, and I don’t have all the answers…yet…

Fact: Triple Negative breast cancer is harder to treat than other types of breast cancer. Many tripel negative breast cancers are aggressive. It all depends on the size of the tumor and if it has traveled to the lymph nodes in your armpit (which mine had) (common for tripel negative). Here’s where my wonderful Doctors came In, and reassured me that everything was going fine, even though it was a more aggressive cancer…but treatable!!!

Breast Cancer Gene Mutation – BRCA1 and BRCA2

Everyone has a BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene, which we get from our mother and father. When they work properly, these genes prevent the development of cancers. Less than 10% are born with this abnormality (mutation) in BRCA1 and 2. If you’re born with this mutation you are at risk for developing breast, ovarian and other types of cancers. This test is done by a simple blood test…but here in the US not all insurances pay for them and they are expensive. The cost is around $5,000. With my type of cancer (Triple Negative) I was at a higher risk, and for that reason only it was covered! When my doctor suggested this test I said of course “Of course!” not knowing the cost or anything…then I heard from so many people that this was not covered by their insurance and I got a little scared…Come up with an additional $5,000 for this test??? We don’t have a money tree…Working on it though! ;o)

Turns out it was covered and I HAD NO MUTATION DETECTED! The test says they tested over 17,600 base pairs analyzed…Wow! 17,600!!! I hope this explains a little about the BRCA gene?

When I saw my doctor yesterday, before my Chemo treatment, we went through the NEW chemo I was about to receive…called TAXOL. What’s “funny” about this chemotherapy drug is that it’s called a plant alkaloids. Plant alkaloids are made from plants. It’s made from the periwinkle plant. The taxanes (taxol) are made from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree (taxus)…and to break it down even more the antimicrotubule agents are derived from May Apple plant and a portion of this comes from the Asian “Happy Tree” …to make it very simple – this concoction means they attack the cells during various phases of division. All this could be read on a website called Don’t think I know this by heart!  LONG side note!

So, my Doctor went through the new treatment and the new side effects. First of all I had to take 5 steroid pills the night before the treatment and 5 in the morning. This was to prevent any kind of allergic reaction this Taxol-plant (!) could cause.

  1. Low blood count– Yes, I’m anemic! Ugh! A good count level is 12…I have decreased to a level 8… at a level  7 I would need a blood transfusion. I’m trying to avoid that by changing my diet (again). Yes, I have looked it up and I pretty much know what to add to my diet…and lots of love and prayers from all…of course ;o)
  2. Hair loss – Hm! What’s there to lose?
  3. Pain in the joints and muscles – not yet…wait to be seen…felt!
  4. Neuropathy – tingling of the hands and feet. My Doctor was concerned about this one. It could become permanent.
  5. Nausea & vomiting – got good drugs for that. Will not happen!
  6. Mouth sore – Yes – Every time!
  7. Could have a strong allergic reaction from the Taxol.  The nurse, Debbie, injected the Taxol very carefully, through my IV, for 15 min to see if I had a reaction. Luckily I was fine!
  8. And a few other things that are less important…

This blog has maybe been too serious…and scientific…But in a few years I will most likely be happy and proud of myself do have documented this…and think: Did I really go through this? Wow! There is light at the end of the tunnel…I am 60% though my chemo treatment. I have three left. I remember going into my second chemo – I was ready to QUIT!  I was ready to tell my Doctor “I’m done! I don’t want to do this anymore!” But she was my cheerleader and LISTEN to me, and I got through that heavy meaningless feeling… I didn’t ‘sneak out’ the back door, but took charge, and faced my IT…

I hope this will help other people facing cancer. I want them to feel free to contact me. I would welcome them to pick me as their mentor, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, two ears to listen and one mouth to support them…

Thank you all for reading my blog and thank you for your posts on FB! I’m overwhelmed by your support and LOVE! Absolutely overwhelmed! LOVE YOU BACK!


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Processing what to do…

I met with my Oncology Surgeon Monday morning, Dr Blake. She’s a beautiful “power house”. I have done four chemos, and it’s time to switch to another kind of chemo. Dr. Blake who’s going to do my surgery wanted to see me to talk about the surgery and also tell me about my options.

My cancer has shrunk for sure! Even I can tell! A good sign! Celebration! My lymph nodes that was almost as big as a grape size is now smaller than a pea…My breast lump, that I could never feel myself, is also much smaller according to the Doc.

She talked about my surgery and it’s pretty much up to me what to do.

In a way I don’t want it to be up to me…I want the doctor to tell me what to do…That way I can get out of making a decision. I know – That’s pretty lame! Not wanting to deal with it. It’s a big decision…

I do not have to make a decision right away. I can think about it until we see each other again, in late August…Here are my options:

  1. The least invasive is (of course) is the lumpectomy where they only take out the lump in the breast and the lymph nodes under my arm. The Doc don’t know (yet)  if she can save any of my lymph nodes…Remains to be seen…The chances of the cancer coming back is slightly higher.
  2. To do a lumpectomy. Take the right breast and do a reconstructive surgery. They can’t do the reconstructive surgery at the same time (which would have been great…”two birds with one stone”) because the new “saline boob” can’t handle the radiation (which I have to have after the surgery).  Also…this might be very vain…but it’s what going through my head…If I choose this…and let’s say in 20 years from now. My right boob will be perky and young looking, and my left boob will be a small pouch hanging and looking sad…hm…
  3. To do a double mastectomy. Take both breasts. My first reaction was “I don’t want to remove something that is perfectly healthy and good”.  BUT, if it reduces my chances of getting the cancer back – the yes! Then again, I can’t do a reconstructive surgery right away because of the radiation after wards. I most likely have to wait one year to do it…I really don’t want to go through another surgery after all this…It’s really taxing on the body and psyche. And it’s not good for the body to get anesthesia too many times…

I DO realize that I’m lucky to have these options. I’m also scared to make the wrong decision…Many women with breast cancer don’t have a choice. I do.

During this time, until I see Dr. Blake again, I will gather all the questions I have, and weigh the pros and cons. Ask what the chances are of the breast cancer coming back with these different options…Time to reflect.

The date for the surgery is booked for September 11th!

I must say I have “picked” the most memorable dates going through this Journey!

  1. On April 1st – I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer. April fool’s day! (I wish!)
  2.  On May 1st –  I started my Chemotherapy treatment. May Day, Walpurgis (Valborg)
  3.  On 9/11  – I’m having surgery. I don’t think I have to say anything about this date.

Dates I will never forget!

Maybe I should finish up by having my last appointment on Halloween?




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Fourth Round in the ring…and healing dogs!

I can’t say I was looking forward to my 4th Thursday Chemo treatment…but it was a great feeling to know this was the last of my tough chemo…the Andriamysin! Celebration!

Another thing that might not be really clear (at least it wasn’t clear to me) is that you don’t only receive your chemo on chemo day.  The morning of the treatment I have to think about to wear something sexy…Just kidding! But, I have to think about to wear a shirt that has access to my port!

My hemaport is under my left clavicle, and it would be not good (stupid) to cover it.  This implantable port is a thin soft hollow tube made of plastic. It has an opening just under the skin. The port is a disc about 2,5-4 cm or 1-1,5in in diameter. The tube is usually put in under the skin of your chest or sometimes in your arm. One end of the tube goes into a large vein just above your heart (where everything gets dumped in…). The other end connects with the port. Pewh!

The nurse hooks me up to a bag of saline, and then 2 different Nausea drugs and a bag of steroids… the Chemo itself is injected manually. The nurse comes and sits with me and injects the liquid. It looks like a gigantic shot. After that I think I get some more nausea medicine and saline. The time frame is about 3 hours, but in reality don’t think I have been there less than 4 hours each time.

I’m moving on to Cytoxan for the next 4 chemo’s…Let’s see what that will bring…So excited…eh!

NEULASTA – As usual on Friday I received my injection of Neulasta. After 24-hours of receiving Chemo the Neulasta is given. I have not really embraced and accepted the Neulasta…but decided I have to. Or, I want to! My choice. The reason for not coming to terms with the Neulasta is because that shitty-little-shot makes me feel like $&%#&#%  for 4 days…The Chemo most likely have its effect on my body for sure…but the Neulasta makes me feel like I’m getting the flu for a few days. I’m couch ridden for 3 days…and nauseous! Blaha…

Some people get severe bone pain. I mean really unbearable pain!  I was lucky only to get some pain in my breast plate (sternum area) and my lower back after the first treatment. After that, I have not had any bone pain. Just flu symptoms.

Neulasta boosts the white blood cell count, the body’s natural defense system in the bone marrow. That is wonderful, isn’t it? It is…but when you feel sick from this friendly injection it’s hard to think positive…like” Woohoo…Love Neulasta!” But no! I understand it… but can’t really embrace it yet

When I was 6 years old we got our first dog. Her name was Lina and she was a wired hair Dachshund. She was black, with some brown underneath her chin (if I remember it correctly). She was so cute! My sisters and I were scared of her when she was a puppy because she had needle-sharp teeth…Of course she took charge of us quite quickly. She respected my dad (yes) and mom (somewhat).  This little fearless dog bit us girls a few times…She was a very smart dog!  I remember so many stories about her escapades. I should write a book about Lina! During her lifetime Lina had 2 litters (4 pups each time) and from each litter we kept a puppy, Netta and Ada. They became my sisters’ dogs. I had, at that time, picked up horseback riding and spent most of my free time at the stable…but getting that puppy, Lina, when I was 6, started my LOVE for animals.

A few years later I must say I’m better at dog training and understanding their behavior. LOL! I have read a few Cesar Millan books and watched a few TV episodes. It has helped me to understand myself and my doggies.

Right now we have 2 Australian Shepherds, Emma and Freja. Emma was 6 months when we got her from San Antonio, Texas, and Freja was just about 8 weeks, from Sarasota Florida. Freja was born on December 25…so she actually should be called ‘baby Jesus’! *Smiling* On the other hand the name Freja is one of the major goddesses in the Nordic Mythology. She is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, one of the original fertility goddesses. Her name actually means “Mistress” (don’t tell my husband!)

My 2 Counselors with fur! During this time of healing they are the best…They have excellent listening skills, they demonstrate unconditional love. They don’t judge or talk back. Very often in a “crisis situation” it seems like people feel obligated to give some sort of answer or advice, when really, you just want to express yourself. It’s not only because doggies are so darn cute they make you feel better…but when you pet a dog you release oxytocin, a hormone associated with bonding and affection, in both dog and the human. And that’s what my dogs do! A lot!

Emma is more sensitive than Freja. Emma pick up on every little thing I do (almost)…A few months ago she started licking me under my armpit…Yakk! Disgusting! But it was like she knew something was wrong (in hind sight). Then when I started with my chemo, Emma started refusing eating in the morning. After a few days, when I started feeling better again, she started eating her morning meals (not every morning but more frequent). This weekend she was by my side the whole time. And she did something she has never done before.

I was lying on the couch, stretched out with my fluffy pillow, dozing in and out of nauseous-sleep. Then Emma decides she’s going to climb up behind me, and lay right by my head on top of the back couch pillow…like a cat. That was the perfect place I guess! She could watch me from above! So sweet!

Another thing I have been thinking about when it comes to affection is that when human beings shows us affection, it’s sometimes ‘complicated’ and it can involve expectations and judgment…but with a dog it’s a very uncomplicated, non-challenging interaction with no consequences…and when you’re going through a ruff (!) time, it’s wonderful to have that!

That’s all I have to say about that!


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Third Round…Over and done!

I decided to go to my third chemo just by myself…and it was fine. My appointment was at 8 a.m. I knew I would be home around 1.30 p.m…or so… During chemo I watched some TV, read a little bit, took a quick nap…It was fine!

Well, someone (Buster – neighbor) was NOT happy with me going to my appointment by myself (he read me ‘the rights’…) and I had to promise never to do that again… (okay okay…)

Bouncing back this time was more difficult…I read a blog some time ago that compared getting chemo to like you’re in the boxing ring. First round your fresh and bouncing back…You don’t really know what to expect…it’s your first time in the ring. You’re doing great! Round two; you kind of know what’s going on. You’re somewhat familiar to roll with the punches…You duck and get hit…but doing pretty okay! Round three; you’re bouncing around in the ring… You’re getting hit. You can handle it…You try to duck but get punched in the stomach really hard…it’s harder to bounce back this time…

This is how I felt this time – Much harder to bounce back!

I’m not sure if it’s the chemo or if it’s the injection (to boost my white blood cells) I get the next day…maybe a combination?

Actually, this is what happened – I woke up Saturday feeling okay. I said to Brian “I feel okay. Take the dogs for a walk and I’ll clean the house while I have some energy. Go, Go, GO!!!” Out he went! Thrown out of the house and I dusted, vacuumed and mopped before I crashed! Pewh! (Pust! In Swedish)

If I remember the weather was so-so… I slept on and of that day. It didn’t really hurt anywhere…I had some nausea…but nothing I couldn’t handle without some natural remedy, and eating every 3 hours! I noticed if I keep eating every three hours I beat the nausea…Staying one step ahead so to speak. I don’t have to eat much…and I can’t eat a lot…its fine with a yogurt, a banana, Mac and cheese, bread with cheese…and…ice cream. I’m aware I should stay away from SUGAR! Sugar feeds cancer! It’s the hard truth. But I like sugar…I was brought up on sugar…I’m a sugar addict! Ice Cream Monster!  AND  when you’re emotions takes over, when you feel like crap, and sorry for yourself… (Oh yeah! Play that little mini violin!)…then the ‘sugar items’ goes down pretty fine…YUM!

Usually Sundays are okay…kind of…but not this Sunday. I was on the couch all day…I walked around the pool a few times just to get fresh air, get some blood circulation going…and then back to the couch!

I was looking forward to Monday; because Monday is usually a good day (sorry for repeating myself but I had HOPE!)…I can get out and walk the dogs again…feel a little stronger! Wohoo! But NOT this Monday! I was knocked out …still…– third round knock out! And a new discovery…Let’s call it “third round constipation!” I’m telling you – it brings the word constipation to a whole new level. I’m not going to get into it (TMI) but when “it” happens … It’s like winning the lottery (not that I have won the lottery…Can just imagine!) It’s pretty amazing how your body functions…(Let’s move on…Not going to get stuck in this shit) I had to kick Brian out of bed and ask him to walk the dogs this morning. I just could not do it. I had no energy. Zero!  I slept (again) most of the day…I was disappointed…in myself… (Even though I had won the crap lottery!)

Tuesday – TA DAA! Woke up and felt better. Decided to push myself and walk the dogs just a short walk…I really wanted to get out! I walked about three miles and I had to stop a couple of times and rest. That has never happened before! God forbid I stop!  LOL! You have to know when it comes to exercise and me…I push myself. I can be stubborn and very determined…there is not a STOP button!

Some of my Running buddies don’t want me to talk when I run, because if I get into a subject, or a story I’m passionate about – I SPEED UP! I’m unaware of this…but my running buddies are not! They tell me to “Shut up and slow down!”…I love them! (Ops! A side note!)

When I came back from the walk that morning I ran into our neighbor across the street. She asked me if I was okay (…hm…what do I answer to that)? I said “Kind of…” then I realized I was totally drenched in sweat…The sweat was running from my bald head, underneath my hat, and down in my face and neck…my t-shirt was soaking wet…I looked like crap! Of course she was a little concerned! I was probably sweating out a lot of poison and toxins from my system.  We talked and she wants to come with me to my next treatment (got that covered – Probably have to alert Buster ;o) and the doggies got their treat!

Wednesday was probably the first day I felt pretty good! One of my neighbors asked me, that Wednesday night, when I knew I was feeling good or better? I thought about it and I realize it was around 5 p.m. I was waiting for Brian to come home, and I started cleaning the kitchen…Like deep cleaning…(what’s up with me and cleaning?) and I didn’t get tired! I had more energy… FINALLY!

Glad I’m done with Round Three




Ready for my third Chemo.  As always, I see the nurse first and then Dr. Stone before going into chemo.

Dr. Stone went through my blood work and asked me about how the past two weeks had been. Side effects etc?  At the end she said “Questions?” I said “Not really…” and I pretty much repeated what we had said… and I must have added “I have like a slight discomfort when I take a deep breath on my right side…like the breast bone area…” and she said “Where?” I said “Like under my clavicle bone, down a little to the right…my kind-of breast bone” She started asking 1000 questions…and then she said “The reason I’m asking all these questions is because the (adriamycin) chemo your receiving could cause blood clot, it could also affect your heart. I want to rule out all these possible side effects before you do your next chemo…” She continued “If you were a patient who complained a lot, I would maybe discard this, but you’re like this stoic Swedish person who does not complain at all, but when you do – I listen!”

I said “Oh, it’s probably nothing…” (Thinking ‘shit’ why did I open my big mouth…the discomfort is probably from walking the dogs…or painting…or typing…or…argh!!!)

She said “Just wait…I’ll be right back!” She left and came back after a few minutes. She sat down and looked into my eyes and said “I talked to another Doctor, just to get a second opinion, and we both agree that we have to rule out what it could be…So, I’m going to send you down to…ER…” (The look in her face was like “I’m so sorry- I’m so sorry- I’m so sorry-face”)

I said “SHIT!”

She said “Yes, shit!”

She said “I’m going to call ER and tell them you’re on your way, and I want them to do a Cat Scan and Cardio gram…then we’ll go from there. We have to rule out the risk for a blood clot in your lungs and any heart issue…”

I said “You’re no fun…” (Of course, at the same time, I knew this was the right thing to so…but how much fun is it to be sent to ER??? In my mind I pictures long waiting time, people running around, beds with “sick people”, noisy, and TRAUMA…people with gunshot wounds…blood on the floor…kind of… *smiling*…)

It was a freaking loooong walk to ER (one minute)…I checked in (still thinking it was going to take forever!) We sat down (aunt Gunilla was with me) and almost as soon as I sat down they called my name (or something similar to my name…like Filipina…) that was quick! It was the triage nurse who needed to do some test…Then back to the waiting room (now – for sure – here comes the loooong waiting time!) But, no! I got called just a few minutes later.

I had to change to the blue hospital gown, and got hooked up to the machines (heart and blood pressure); they put in an IV and drew some blood (of course)…I think I had 4 people in the room at the same time, doing different things, but asking me the same thing…”What happened?”

So many things went through my head at this time…one thought could not be finished, before another one started…Blood clot in my lungs? Heart issue? The delay with Chemo…What will happen now?

In comes a tall bald guy with blue eyes…I was wondering if we had the same barber? But most likely NOT! He was the ER doctor. He asked “What happened?” Seriously, when you have answered that question 4 to 5  times already within the last hour…you (or I) feel like answering something like “I swallowed a piece of LEGO…” but I didn’t!

It turned out that this Doctor was very nice and had humor! ME LIKE! He even advised me to have a glass of wine tonight. ME LIKE!

Three hours later (after Cat Scan and blood test) the results had come back. They were all NEGATIVE!  Woohoo! The ER Doctor could discharge me, but not before he told me about his mother who had been through breast cancer, and was now three years healthy. Congrats!

(Just one more heart test (an ECO gram) before I can continue with my Chemo).

One experience richer!


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An Angel?

When I was walking my dogs in the park today,  I saw from far away, a tall, slender guy running. He was coming towards us…It looked so effortless when he was running. Like a Gazelle…Scwhishhh…Scwishhh…

He came closer and I saw he had weights around his ankles…It still looked so effortless!

He came closer, and he had the biggest most beautiful smile I have ever seen on his face, and he said “Good Morning!” and he dragged out the good and morning…I could feel he really meant it! (It felt so good!)

I smiled back and said “Good Morning” to this Smiling Gazelle…

I continued walking and after a while we met again…He came closer, and I could see he had taken off his ankle weights. Now he was free from the weights and his step was like he was floating

With his infectious, beautiful smile he said “We meet again!”

I said “You got rid of your weights…Now you can fly!”

He said “Yes, I can fly!”

I think I just met an Angel in disguise…


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